Cary It Forward

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So, you were the recipient of a Random Act of Kindness and you found this web site.  Congrat!  Feels pretty good, right?  Well, don’t stop, keep it going.  Here is what to do:

1. Like the Cary It Forward FaceBook Page (or just click like below #5) 

2. Post to the FaceBook page the act of kindness that you received.

3. On the back of the card you received, add another roman numeral (II, III, IV, V, etc.) - see how many random acts this individual card has traveled.  Get More Cards (if needed)

4. Do some kindness for someone and leave the card.

5. Feel pretty good about what you just did :)

If you would like to get some free cards to pass out and use, please see Card Pickup Locations  OR  Download yours and get started today